Marketplace "PochtaMarket" for the Russian Post

Marketplace where partners of Russian Post have the opportunity to sell any goods with postal delivery through the post offices of …

Project Akrichin - marketplace for pharma

Pharmaceutical marketplace with the functionality of loyalty programs (bonuses for purchases, promotions, etc.).

Develop and configure a neural network (AI) for OBOZ Digital

Design and implement on a test server backend and web interface of platform administrator settings for three new modules "Ratings", "Bonuses" …

Smolny - Personnel Management System

Personnel accounting and management system for a state agency with a federated structure.

Tele-2 asset management system

The system for managing a specific category of tangible assets of Tele-2.

Automated system of training and staff development Kazakhstan Railways

Building a unified information environment of the company in terms of training and staff development, monitoring the status of training.

Nutrilogic - An application for nutritionists

A cross-platform web application for analyzing and adjusting patient nutrition, also collecting patient data, calculating norms and constructing a corrective diet.

File system for GosNIIAS

Development of the Russian real-time operating system (ROSS). A prototype of the real-time file system was created.

Application …

Detsky Mir online store

Detsky Mir online store revamped with the help of Hybris e-commerce platform from SAP with a large number of diverse integrations.

Mosvodokanal - Single Window

A Personal Account (PA) has been developed to provide Mosvodokanal users with quick access via the Internet to information related to …

System for Mosvodokanal bypassers

A system for on-line automated data collection about the state of water supply and sewage distribution network traces and structures (chambers …

Ulmart Marketplace

19 projects on Ulmart cybermarket development from 2012 to 2016, the leader of Russian e-commerce, including all cybermarket services.

Mosvodokanal - Damage Detection of Water Supply Administration

An information system has been developed where data from pressure, flow, auto-valve …

Development of the "Base Prices" module for OBOZ Digital
  • design and implement the base price module, which is part of the product core;
  • taking into account the embedded mathematical …
Mosvodokanal - Interactive Annual Report

Developed a web-based information system for the formation of the annual report of the business.

Er-Telecom "IoT - Internet of Things"

Development of a portal to promote equipment in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Electronic trading platform REC-Market

For the implementation of the electronic trading platform REC-Market, the client's subdivision in the Russian Export Center JSC, responsible for the …

CRM for the Public Opinion Foundation

Client files with access differentiation and integration with calendars.

Development of the Logistics Management System for the Olympics

Automated system for planning and delivery of goods to the facilities of the Sochi Olympics.

Development of GOST documentation on GLONASS technologies for GLOSAV

Help GLOSAV prepare and deliver the final set of documentation (44 documents) in 12 working days for delivery to the final …

Gardemarin ship control system for Rybinsk Verfi

Monitoring and control system for shipboard equipment (SCADA-system) was developed.

CRM for Computers

A record builder for accounting for counterparties, journals, and publisher articles.

Client's personal account for NCAB ERICON

For the Russian division of the world manufacturer of printed circuit boards NCAB Group to implement a web platform personal customer …

Marketplace "Marketplace of the Far Eastern Hectar"

Implement a prototype of the "Hectar 1.0" marketplace in a simplified form. Increase the functionality of the prototype to the target.

One Click platform for Yakutsk City Administration

Crowdsourcing portal of Yakutsk City Administration for interaction with the public. Versatile tool for city management. An open platform for solving …

MosTaxi - Taxi Service Management System

MostTaxi is an urban transportation project. A system for automating the main processes of a taxi service, which allows you to …

Deregulation is a system of labeling and tracking of medicines

The system of marking and tracking of medicines for the State Service for Control of Drugs turnover of Ukraine.

Personal office for the insurance company

Automator for insurance policy management.