Nutrilogic - An application for nutritionists

Nutrilogic - An application for nutritionists
  • Nutrilogic

    A private-state company that, with the participation of leading specialists from the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology", created a software solution that has become the standard for the workplace of a nutritionist and nutritionist.


Project problem:

We needed a simple, beautiful, user-friendly, reliable application for nutritionists and other nutrition specialists - experts in their field, but not experts in technology. The task was to automate the work of nutritionists, who prepared personal diets for patients, adjusting the indicators to the desired norm. And the applications that were on the market looked very out of date.

In addition, there was a goal of low backend costs, to invest mainly in the UI/UX front end. Also, the goal was to get a clear admin interface quickly, not to waste time and resources on admin.


A cross-platform web-application was created to collect data about the patient: anthropometric data (sex, height, weight, age, etc.) and nutritional status (what eats, what does not eat, how often) - to correct nutrition and improve performance (lose weight, gain muscle mass, etc.).

The main load and calculations fell on the development of the front end, the goal was on the Apprentice engine - the speed of application development and its administrative interface. Integration with partner CRM systems was also done.

Admin part allows you to add users, change data, maintain technical support (e.g. manual payments), etc. Also, analyze marketing data without special development: count and filter registrations, subscriptions, conversions, etc.

Technology stack, engine:

Apprentice (back end), java (front end), API interaction.


Quick development of the back end of the application on multiple platforms. Ease of customization, e.g. new forms, uploads and features can be added without large investments. Ready and clear administrative interface.

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • 12 months, project is actively developing;
  • 100+ man-months of resources.