Mosvodokanal - Single Window

Mosvodokanal - Single Window
  • MosVodokanal

    The largest water company in Russia providing services in the field of water supply and sanitation for 15+ millions residents of Moscow and the Moscow region - about 10% of the total population of the country. The generally recognized technology leader in the field of implementation of the latest technologies.


Project problem:

  • queues in customer service;
  • the risk of refusals to admit individuals and legal entities, and the subsequent risk of conflicts;
  • time and reputational losses.


A service system has been developed that includes electronic document management.

Quick approval of water and wastewater contracts has been achieved. Implemented the possibility to determine the data from the meters and the status of payment.

Personal account is integrated with the billing system.

Approval processes have been accelerated, document review methods have been simplified, document losses have been reduced, and queues have been streamlined.

Technological stack, engine:

  • the choice of software products and technologies was made in accordance with the goals and objectives described in the TOR, as well as taking into account modern principles of software development systems:
  • The main development language is Java/JDK 8 (currently one of the most widespread and functional languages for client-server applications);
  • web/application server - Tomcat/JBoss AS (Tomcat and JBoss AS are the most popular and functional open source solutions);
  • RDBMS — Oracle MySQL 5+ / Oracle Database Server 11g/12c;
  • OS - RHEL/CentOS 6/7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7). This platform is a GNU/Linux, Enterprise SLA level distribution from Red Hat;
  • presentation layer - HTML, CSS, Ajax technologies, based on Servlets/JSP, GWT, Spring Framework.

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • the duration of the project is 5 months;
  • resource costs of 25 man-months.