System integration

System integration is the integration of individual automated processes and controls into a single system, such integration implies not only the use of already operating systems, but also the creation of new ones. Its ultimate goal is the most effective management of technological process, production, organization as a whole.

For Digital Zone, system integration is first and foremost a way of solving our clients' problems and needs. We are engaged in integration in various areas:

  • integration with 1C;
  • integration with CRM;
  • integration with loyalty programs;
  • integration with billing systems;
  • integration with payment systems;
  • integration with warehouse and WMS systems;
  • integration with courier and postal services;
  • integral bus on Kafka.

With extensive experience in systems integration to implement customer requirements, we offer turnkey integration of varying complexity and scale, able to meet the challenges.

Digital Zone employs a professional team with practical integration experience. Therefore, we can safely say that if you put your trust in our team, you will undoubtedly get the maximum effect from the implemented solutions, as well as the best value for money

Development experience

Marketplace "PochtaMarket" for the Russian Post

Marketplace where partners of Russian Post have the opportunity to sell any goods with postal delivery through the post offices of …

Project Akrichin - marketplace for pharma

Pharmaceutical marketplace with the functionality of loyalty programs (bonuses for purchases, promotions, etc.).

Develop and configure a neural network (AI) for OBOZ Digital

Design and implement on a test server backend and web interface of platform administrator settings for three new modules "Ratings", "Bonuses" …

Nutrilogic - An application for nutritionists

A cross-platform web application for analyzing and adjusting patient nutrition, also collecting patient data, calculating norms and constructing a corrective diet.

Detsky Mir online store

Detsky Mir online store revamped with the help of Hybris e-commerce platform from SAP with a large number of diverse integrations.

Mosvodokanal - Single Window

A Personal Account (PA) has been developed to provide Mosvodokanal users with quick access via the Internet to information related to …

Ulmart Marketplace

19 projects on Ulmart cybermarket development from 2012 to 2016, the leader of Russian e-commerce, including all cybermarket services.

Development of the "Base Prices" module for OBOZ Digital
  • design and implement the base price module, which is part of the product core;
  • taking into account the embedded mathematical …
Electronic trading platform REC-Market

For the implementation of the electronic trading platform REC-Market, the client's subdivision in the Russian Export Center JSC, responsible for the …

Marketplace "Marketplace of the Far Eastern Hectar"

Implement a prototype of the "Hectar 1.0" marketplace in a simplified form. Increase the functionality of the prototype to the target.

Deregulation is a system of labeling and tracking of medicines

The system of marking and tracking of medicines for the State Service for Control of Drugs turnover of Ukraine.

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