Development of GOST documentation on GLONASS technologies for GLOSAV

Development of GOST documentation on GLONASS technologies for GLOSAV

    GLOSAV is a major operator of the navigation and information services market, developing software and complex electronic equipment, GLONASS/GPS systems.


Project problem:

The time required to prepare the technical documentation is only 12 days.


Six analysts from DZ were involved. From GLOSAV the developments of the previous team of analysts, templates were received, also GLOSAV included in the team 2 analysts for answering questions and reviewing ready documentation. As a result, a set of analytical documentation (44 documents) for delivery of Stage 1. "Analytics" was prepared and handed over to the final customer in the Ministry of Transport within the stipulated time frame. The results of the stage were accepted by the final government customer in the Ministry of Transport.

Technological stack, engine:

Preparation of documentation, which is a part of experimental and design work on the topic "Creation of complex intelligent transport systems of the transport complex of the Russian Federation, functioning on the basis of GLONASS technologies" (code number of R&D work: "Research - ITS").

GOST 34.201-89 "Information technology. A set of standards for automated systems. Types, completeness and designation of documents when creating automated systems", GD 50-34.698-90 "Automated systems. Requirements for the content of documents".


Project timeline, labor costs:

  • project duration: 2.5 weeks;
  • total hours spent: 700 hours (including overtime);
  • in the team from DZ: 6 analysts and the project manager;
  • in the team from the Customer: an analyst and a project manager.