Artificial Intelligence

Digital Zone offers the development and implementation of information systems using artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural networks, as well as the development and implementation of algorithms that can solve any business problems.


The use of artificial intelligence allows:

  • significantly reduce personnel costs and expenses;
  • qualitatively improve business processes;
  • increase productivity among employees;
  • to use the full potential of data analysis;
  • automate complex tasks.

 If you need to implement products based on artificial intelligence, the Digital Zone team is ready to offer different solutions to problems of any complexity. This can be tasks of speech generation and recognition, visual information processing, natural language processing or intelligent decision support systems, etc.

For example, we implemented a project where the goal was to build a statistical model capable of responding quickly to an accident.

Another project trained artificial intelligence to analyze photos and estimate tree heights.

In addition, there was a project where mathematicians were involved, which was predicting properties and rating counterparties.

We organize the process of working with data, create a classification model capable of working with large and multi-channel volume, develop algorithms for a particular system that meet your requirements.

By choosing products based on artificial intelligence, you not only optimize your business, but also offer your customers a qualitatively new product that allows you to stand out from the competition.