Digital Zone's main profile is the provision of custom development services, which requires a deep understanding of the client's business and objectives. Thus, since 2005 the team has gained sufficient expertise in the market to provide advice and other services not directly related to development.


Consulting is a good way to ask experts for advice on a topic. To neglect this opportunity is to be left without a comprehensive vision of the task facing the business. Digital Zone will help formulate the idea, take into account the details, translate it into the language of the terms of reference, formalize the requirements for the project and the list of conditions, the satisfaction of which means that the product is made qualitatively.

World practice shows that insufficiently developed requirements most often lead to unsuccessful projects.


Digital Zone not only advises on its own developments, but also acts as an independent arbiter in projects where the client has doubts about quality, expediency and price. Analysts will conduct technical expertise of proposed or already developed solutions, and give an opinion on their suitability for a particular task. It is also possible to work with a third party company on behalf of the client which will ensure a high quality performance of their obligations. Digital Zone will make sure the contractor makes the right technical decisions, does so in a timely manner, the amount of work completed corresponds to the stated scope and the overall project is in order. Digital Zone is ready to check the work already done and give an opinion on how it meets the functionality declared in the documentation and other requirements: check compliance with the requirements, make sure there are no incomplete parts or parts which have been implemented "just for the sake of appearances". The company will also perform independent functional and load testing for the client and give a conclusion about the quality of the work done.


Technical support is a set of activities aimed at helping to maintain a solution developed by Digital Zone or a third-party contractor. The services include troubleshooting technical problems related to the operation of information systems and portals, consulting on software operation, hosting web solutions on our servers, etc. In order to provide technical support we draw up a service level agreement (SLA, as well as OLA for the former). The cost of the service is determined on the basis of service conditions. Conclusion of a service agreement ensures: Availability of information systems prompt support, preventive maintenance of the IS, consulting services, training of system users.


When the client has a formalized idea and the correct TOR, the potential to manage a project that he wants to implement, but lacks just the hands, Digital Zone can provide outstaffing services - an experienced team of developers with the necessary qualifications for an agreed period to perform a certain list of works. Outstaffing allows you to avoid a large staff and corresponding changes in the structure of financial costs, and concentrate your employees on solving business problems by outsourcing development.


Digital Zone consultants conduct regular industry analysis: they assess the competitiveness of various markets, monitor technological trends and the financial performance of major players. The company's clients can order personalized research to support important business decisions.