Smolny - Personnel Management System

Smolny - Personnel Management System
  • Smolny

    The system of public authorities in St. Petersburg, which has a distributed structure. The city government is located in the building of the Smolny Institute, so the Administration in St. Petersburg is called "Smolny".


Project problem:

  • the old system was desktop (not web), there was a problem with updating the information in the system in all departments of the state body;
  • the goal was to make it online so that you could see information about frames online in a timely manner;
  • a more user-friendly interface was also needed. It was necessary to provide one system for many organizations, taking into account access rights.



Developed a web application that fully met the needs of the customer.


  • constant access to up-to-date information on the personnel service of institutions;
  • Implementation of coordination and control over the organization of the state bodies.

The implementation of this access rights setting is built into the Apprentice: the central zone saw all the subsystems, and the subsystems did not see each other.

The system contained the following sections: Personal account, Personnel officer, Student, Training, Reserve, Vacancies.

The application provided for such business processes as:

  • maintaining "electronic personnel files";
  • monitoring the staffing situation;
  • preparing draft acts, e.g. appointments;
  • Maintaining regulations and rules;
  • keeping a register of civil servants and personnel reserves;
  • keeping records of issued certificates of service;
  • formation of information about appraisals and examinations.

Technology stack, engine:



Application for online business processes with a clear interface and configured access rights for a distributed federal structure, preparing for global scaling.

The timing of the project, labor costs:

  • 3 months;
  • 8+ million rubles.