Project Akrichin - marketplace for pharma

Project Akrichin - marketplace for pharma
  • Akrikhin

    One of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Russian Federation, a manufacturer of medicines that sells them through the largest pharmaceutical distributors throughout Russia.


Project Objective:

  • The manufacturer wants to get data "from the field" bypassing pharma distributors (sales, demand, claims, etc.);
  • to be able to work directly with the end consumer, and thereby increase the margin of each individual sale.

Project problems:

  • the original terms of reference were prepared by a non-professional IT analyst. The terms of reference was rewritten for subsequent submission to the development department;
  • an urgent need for a working system. The customer ran test users long before the release;
  • the integration with distributors was done "live" without studying the FTP manual due to its absence;


  • The system was built in two parts. The client part was written according to the ToR. The user part was deployed on the Python Django framework;
  • Integration with two major distributors of the customer and the manufacturer's internal systems;
  • Implemented a unique functionality of loyalty programs (bonuses, promotions).

 Technology stack, engine:

python/django, postgres.

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • labor costs 36 man-months;
  • budget 10+ million rubles.