Writing technical documentation

Writing technical documentation is part of any project. Technical documentation in the project are Terms of Reference, also instructions for administrators, for developers, also for users.

Sometimes it is required to write more complex technical documentation - according to GOST standards. Our analysts and technical writers have been involved in the development of technical documentation of varying degrees of complexity, in different industries and for different types of systems. In addition, for each project we select the most suitable specialists, ensuring their interchangeability.

Development experience

Develop and configure a neural network (AI) for OBOZ Digital

Design and implement on a test server backend and web interface of platform administrator settings for three new modules "Ratings", "Bonuses" …

Автоматизированная система посадки-высадки пассажиров для компании-перевозчика

Автоматизированная система контроля билетов и рассадки пассажиров, которая связывается с системой продажи билетов для компании-перевозчика 

Development of GOST documentation on GLONASS technologies for GLOSAV

Help GLOSAV prepare and deliver the final set of documentation (44 documents) in 12 working days for delivery to the final …

File system for GosNIIAS

Development of the Russian real-time operating system (ROSS). A prototype of the real-time file system was created.

Application …

Development of the "Base Prices" module for OBOZ Digital
  • design and implement the base price module, which is part of the product core;
  • taking into account the embedded mathematical …
Реализация системы сложного поиска

Поиск по коллекции текстов из рукописей, произведений и документов разных исторических эпох, общим объемом более 2 млрд слов.

Ревизия –проектирование ядра системы для платежного агрегатора

Анализ крупной системы с монолитным ядром с дальнейшим переходом на микросервисную архитектуру

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