Technical support

After developing and implementing a web, desktop or mobile solution, Digital Zone can take over system maintenance as part of a fixed cost, SLA and dedicated team of experts.

Support includes performance tasks, data updates, creating new reports, monitoring sensors, collecting system upgrade requirements.

We offer technical support for created software solutions on terms:

-reaction time to the request during working hours - 1 hour (reaction time at weekends and outside working hours is negotiated separately), time of realization of the request - according to the level of the request;
-inclusion of the necessary customer specialists in the project team;
-implementation of new business processes within the created systems;
-development of new front-end and back-end functionality;
-mobilization, multiscreen (adding mobile clients as part of integration with existing systems);
-integration with external systems, including those focused on hi-load;
-expertise in integration with ERP, POS, e-payment systems;
-unification, isolation (from the data source), caching of existing APIs;
-increase of relevance of the existing search mechanisms, taking into account the context of the user's work;
-optimization of existing services, within the applied architecture;
-accounting and monitoring the implementation of all works is carried out in the bug-tracking system (there is also an assessment of implementation time and tracking).