File system for GosNIIAS

File system for GosNIIAS
  • GosNIIAS

    The State Research Institute of Aviation Systems is a Russian state-owned enterprise that conducts scientific research and software development in the field of on-board equipment and aviation systems, including using artificial intelligence, simulation and mathematical modeling, as well as certification and development of standards.


FSUE State Research Institute of Aviation Systems creates a domestic real-time operating system (RTOS ) - a replacement for VxWorks 653 (USA) on MS-21 aircraft and other promising Russian developments.

It was necessary to reduce sanctions risks and promote the competitiveness of Russian aircraft.


The RTOS reacts to events occurring to the aircraft equipment, provides a set of functions to ensure the operation of the software-hardware complex.

As part of the project phase, the following work was carried out:

  • development of requirements for the RTOS file system;
  • creating a prototype of the file system;
  • development of a program and test methodology for the file system prototype;
  • development of a technical description of the internal interfaces of the file system;
  • examination of the developed requirements for a real-time operating system from contractors and the Institute for Systems Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • development of requirements for the prototype component of the AIS Design Process Support (AIS DPS) for editing, storing and calculating application logic;
  • development of a prototype AIS DPS component for editing, storing and calculating application logic.

 Technology stack, engine:



During the development of the RTOS prototype, the requirements of Russian and international standards for the development of critical (aviation, aerospace and other) systems KT-178 (DO-178) were strictly observed, which will ensure the subsequent certification of the finished product.

The results of research and bench tests of the real-time file system fully confirmed the correctness of the software and architectural solutions chosen for development.

Project timeline, labor costs:

5.5 months;
200+ man-months.