Logistics management systems

Logistics is a strategic industry at any level of the economy, as well as an integral part of any production. And all business processes in the company depend on the logistics management systems - on how material flows are distributed for purchases, sales, storage and transportation.

Logistics management systems help reduce the risks of transport downtime and delays in the delivery of goods, and, as a result, optimize the business as a whole, reducing costs and losses.
For typical projects, we use products available on the market. However, for unique tasks in projects and high loads, we create logistics management systems using custom development.

Within the system, it is possible to create:

  • management of spatial data using the GLONASS system;
  • management of applications (for delivery, transportation, storage);
  • management of logistics facilities and vehicles;
  • integration with internal and external systems;
  • logistics reporting.

 If necessary, the system is integrated with a mobile application (for example, for field employees).

If you need to automate a large logistics or transport center or part of it, please contact our specialists. Already at the stage of the first communications, we will help to systematize business requirements and offer logistics management options.