Electronic document interchange (EDI) systems

A document management system (Electronic Data Interchange, EDI) is usually a separate system or module of a large accounting or manufacturing system.
The document workflow that is usually automated includes the exchange of documents for the purchase-sale cycle of goods or services, but it can also be implemented in other business processes: ordering, production, property management, and so on.

Documents that can be managed when implementing EDI:

contracts, annexes and additional agreements to contracts,
acts, invoices and invoices,
price lists, purchase orders,
Shipment status exchange, notifications, reports,
the entire document approval cycle.

The document management system absolutely simplifies the process of interaction, saves time and resources for the formation, accounting, control and forwarding of documents, as well as numerous approvals. Introduction of the digital signature into EDI document management system is possible.

There are several off-the-shelf solutions on the market, but customizing your systems with EDI features is also used in the practice of automation. Contact us so we can help you choose which solution is right for you!