BI systems

Digital Zone helps clients find points of growth for their business. Implementing a BI-class system can be a turning point in the development of your company. Implementation of any in-demand information system is an important step in the development of your organization. Therefore it is especially important to choose a partner who will help you integrate the new product smoothly into the current organizational structure. Digital Zone's experienced staff will help you through all the stages of building a new tool and seamlessly integrate it into your current IT landscape.

Custom development of BI systems allows you to avoid many of the problems inherent in ready-made vendor solutions - lack of system scalability, the need for additional purchases of the integration bus, annual licensing fees. When designing your own analytical tools it is possible to provide such useful features as automatic generation of reports for specified time periods, development of unique desktops for managers, the possibility of remote access, including through mobile devices.

What tasks can the BI system solve?
BI systems (Business Intelligence) are data analytics systems capable of getting information from virtually any source, ranging from Excel files and ending with api of any other automation systems in your company. Products of this kind are used to solve problems of business analysis, such as strategic analysis of data received from various sources and in different formats, and support for management decision making by creating all types and kinds of reports, as well as their visualization.

With the help of Digital Zone specialists you will get a scalable product which will solve the tasks assigned to it and which is fully documented and easy to use.

Features of a BI system
Most BI class solutions have the following key features:

-storage of large slices of data;
-consolidation of information in different formats;
-flexible configuration of analytical algorithms;
-visual presentation of any information.

With a complete set of data and proper interpretation of reports, making rational management decisions will become much easier, operational control of the organization will be possible within a single system, and the visual presentation of information will help to quickly identify risks.

Development of analytical systems
Digital Zone specialists have the expertise to implement information analytic systems of any complexity. When developing these solutions we always understand the specifics of client's business and investigate the processes in order to create a product, which fits perfectly into your organizational structure.

If you feel the need to automate the processes of receiving and processing large flows of data - contact Digital Zone. Our employees can offer you unique solutions tailored to the specifics of your enterprise!