1C Bitrix

For large scale high-loaded platforms we definitely use custom development in Java, Python or PHP. But medium-sized stores sometimes come with a request to implement 1C Bitrix, one of the leading cms systems in Russia.
The system has a large number of ready-made elements and integrations, for the setup of which a competent developer's effort is required. And the design of online stores for 1C Bitrix is created on the basis of templates.
Thus, the customer receives a product, support and development of which is not difficult because of the abundance of professionals in the market.

We also provide an independent audit of 1C Bitrix development quality. Audit services are most often used by companies who care about timeliness and speed of online store. And it depends on the 1C Bitrix developers adhere to the capabilities of the system, not "breaking" it, not rewriting the code.

If you are choosing between several technology stacks, get in touch with our managers as soon as possible. They will help you evaluate the development of several stacks, including 1C Bitrix, as well as do a comparative analysis for you to make the right decision for your tasks and features.