Over the years of working on several top technology stacks, we realized how important speed of development can be for clients. That's why we managed to create our own PHP-based designer - Octos.
Our online store builder has enormous scalability, multilingual capabilities and speed due to the separation of modules.
We use the product to develop online stores, marketplaces, portals and personal accounts. In addition, the designer is easy to implement an interactive configurator.

- For medium-loaded systems the php constructor helps optimize time and labor costs for platform development.
- For heavily loaded systems, the php constructor is used as a prototype system for the first few years of a major platform. This allows you to test a hypothesis, quickly declare yourself on the market, and start growing in Russia or other countries.

Octos has already been tested on more than 200 small and medium sized projects. Therefore, we can safely recommend it to those who are sure to choose php or who want to test the hypothesis of a large marketplace in the first few years of growth.

Contact our experts for a consultation on how our product can help with your goals.