System for Mosvodokanal bypassers

System for Mosvodokanal bypassers
  • MosVodokanal

    The largest water company in Russia providing services in the field of water supply and sanitation for 15+ millions residents of Moscow and the Moscow region - about 10% of the total population of the country. The generally recognized technology leader in the field of implementation of the latest technologies.


Project problem:

  • the inconvenience of collecting complete information on the routes of bypassers (employees who monitor the condition of infrastructure);
  • inconvenient data entry by customer dispatchers;
  • slow decision-making on the repair of structures (chambers and wells) of water supply and sewerage distribution networks;
  • control of the check route bypassers (possibility to find out at any moment where an employee is/is at a particular moment in time in relation to the route assigned to him/her).



Research has been carried out on the customer's internal processes. Built a real-time fault management system. Created a client-server application that automatically generates work schedules and route allocations of bypassers. Created a mobile application that includes operational information on the tasks coming to the employees on the terminals-monoblocks.

The automated information system "Bypassers" included:

  • complex of mobile terminals;
  • automated workplace of the dispatcher;
  • data server.

The following functionality has been implemented: 

  • obtaining data on the movement of bypassers, their current location through the use of GPS-sensors in their mobile devices;
  • fast and prompt resolution of any issues related to problems on the bypass route through the implementation of the quick request window in the system;
  • display of fault warnings on the map available on the automated workstation;
  • real-time monitoring of the bypasser's movement;
  • the possibility of transmitting media information about the problem at the detour site (photos);
  • scheduling of bypass schedules.

 Technology stack, engine:

  • development language - Java;
  • web/application server - Tomcat;
  • RDBMS — Oracle MySQL 5+ / Oracle Database Server 11g/12c;
  • OS - RHEL/CentOS 6/7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7). This platform is a GNU/Linux, Enterprise SLA level distribution from Red Hat;
  • presentation layer - Automated workstation (AWS) in the form of an application for the Android OS.


AIS "Bypassers" reduced the time required for the bypasser to transmit operational information to the server, as well as the time required for the dispatcher to analyze the received data and transfer it to the AIS "Application" - the next stage of infrastructure work.

This has significantly increased the speed at which decisions about the need for repair are made.

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • 8 months;
  • labor input of 50+ man-months.