One Click platform for Yakutsk City Administration

One Click platform for Yakutsk City Administration
  • Yakutsk

    City portal of the authorities of Yakutsk.


Project problem:

There was no platform through which citizens could contribute information about problems with city services (garbage not removed, lights not working, packs of stray dogs not fished out, city infrastructure broken/damaged/not repaired, etc.).

At the start were taken into account that it is necessary to help improve the rating of the Yakutsk city administration through the automation of monitoring and control of urban services with the involvement of active citizens in this process.



Before writing the code for One Click Yakutsk, we conducted analytical research and provided consulting assistance in drafting the terms of reference. The administration amended the city legislation specifying the methods of citizens' interaction with the authorities and legalized the future software.

As part of the project, the technological platform Aprentis was used, which significantly reduced the development time and cost of the project, as well as provided almost unlimited modifiability of the already created application and direct control of the development process by the customer.

Platform tasks:

  • receiving applications from citizens about problems;
  • bringing applications to the responsible persons;
  • monitoring the solution of the problem;
  • communication with residents;
  • display on the map;
  • automatic notification of responsible persons about received requests after moderation;
  • informing the residents about the work of the city's organizations;
  • assessment of the quality of service of service companies;
  • increasing public satisfaction.

Technology stack, engine:

Apprentice, Java.


  • Active citizens began to contribute to the city's beautification and prompt elimination of city service problems;
  • the mayor at city meetings and when reporting to officials was given a tool to monitor their reports with the real situation in the city;
  • the mayor's real rating increased due to the rapid noticeable improvement of life in the city and faster feedback/response of city services to the problems stated by the citizens.

Note: not only the electronic service was organized, but also the business process of the work of the specialists providing the system operation support, information verification in the system and management of changes in it was described and debugged. The work processes of the volunteers who check the information declared by the citizens were organized (to avoid the falsifications and errors in the public resource).

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • 9-month term;
  • 45 man-months of development.