Mosvodokanal - Damage Detection of Water Supply Administration

Mosvodokanal - Damage Detection of Water Supply Administration
  • MosVodokanal

    The largest water company in Russia providing services in the field of water supply and sanitation for 15+ millions residents of Moscow and the Moscow region - about 10% of the total population of the country. The generally recognized technology leader in the field of implementation of the latest technologies.


Project Problems:

  • lack of a system for monitoring the operation of the city's water supply network;
  • lack of quality means of notification of critical deviations with the identification of their locations on the map.


An information system has been developed where data from pressure, flow, auto-valve and pump sensors are updated in real time on a map. The data are displayed on the "attention zone" screen as meaningful information for Control Center operators: when network sections or equipment are out of the normal performance zone. Displayed data is used for analysis and operational decision making by operators.

Technology stack, engine:

.NET, automation of a mathematical algorithm.


  • the system reduces the decision time of responsible persons;
  • the system precisely determines the location (on the city map) of the fault.

Project timeline, labor costs:

  • the duration of the project is 12 months;
  • resource costs 150 man-months.