Marketplace "Marketplace of the Far Eastern Hectar"

Marketplace "Marketplace of the Far Eastern Hectar"
  • BPC Banking Technologies

    Far Eastern Hectare Marketplace is a joint project with BPC Banking Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for the global financial industry.


Project problem:

The partner (BPC Banking Technologies) has competencies in developing payment solutions. BPC needed an IT partner with strong competences in marketplace development to implement the electronic trading platform "Gectar Online". The second serious limitation of the project was a very tight deadline for launching the first release on the product (14 working days after the start of work).


Using their own experience with the marketplace, as well as a product of their own development "Apprentice", the Digital Zone team launched the first release of the marketplace "Hectar 1.0" in a simplified form without online payments in 14 working days. The results of the first release were accepted by the end state customer. Then within 3.5 months the following features were added to the MVP: quick order, payment methods, fiscalization, delivery methods and terms, goods reservation, returns / claims, e-mail notifications, integration with the supplier's product catalog (over 8000 sku), integration with RBS BPC payment gateway, improved usability of the online platform.

Technology stack, engine:

"Apprentice" (.net), java, html, js, css.


Project timeline, labor costs:

  • Project duration: 4.5 months;
  • Total hours spent: 7000+ hours;
  • DZ team: 12 to 20 people worked simultaneously, including analysts, developers, testers, designer, system administrator and project manager;
  • In the team from the customer: functional Customer/Product Manager/project manager, technical customer and designer.