MosTaxi - Taxi Service Management System

MosTaxi - Taxi Service Management System
  • MosTaxi

    Large taxi service in Moscow.


Project problem:

The customer does not have a multifunctional information system to improve the quality of services provided, manage the taxi fleet and communications with customers, track orders throughout the life cycle and ensure optimal fleet utilization.

The system had to meet high requirements for fault tolerance, scalability and friendliness of the interface.

Priority Goals:

  • automation of fleet services and reduction of its staff;
  • reduction of service errors associated with the "human factor" (operator errors).


The taxi fleet management system consists of four blocks tightly integrated with each other: customer application, driver, control room and administrative back-office. The solution provides automation of all main company processes: it controls driver actions and order status, optimizes order processing processes, fleet management, shift planning and departure management.

System functionality:

  • GLONASS: operative and accurate data on routes and speed of taxi fleet vehicles, displaying tracks of movement;
  • control of the current state of the board: free, performing the order, lunch, break, repair, etc;
  • Creation and accounting of orders;
  • speeding up the order registration by using the permanent routes and copying the existing order;
  • displaying of start and end addresses on the map, creating the best route;
  • monitoring of situations that require processing by dispatcher and generation of warnings;
  • automatic dispatch of orders to the driver's terminal; implementation of order management from mobile devices;
  • keeping the complete history of orders with registration of all actions of the dispatcher, driver and client;
  • Ensuring even loading of the fleet by manual and automatic distribution of orders according to established rules;
  • detecting the nearest vehicle to the ordering point;
  • automatic generation of scheduled departures based on the schedule;
  • checking the possibility of departures according to the set rules: medical examination before flights, etc;
  • integration with the call center, automatic identification of the client on the call, pre-filling the order by the key data of the client's card;
  • storage of customer order history, prompts on their basis when creating new orders;
  • calculation of preliminary price when creating an order;
  • quality control of completed orders;
  • Possibility to rate the trip and the driver;
  • online monitoring of the trip status by the client application;
  • integration with web-form and partner services (Yandex-taxi);
  • flexible adjustment of fares and services for corporate clients;
  • trip cost detailing;
  • version updates without interruption;
  • differentiation of access rights on the basis of roles;
  • graphic geofence editor.

Technology stack, engine:



  • the taxi fleet management process became transparent;
  • the speed and quality of service have improved;
  • increased customer loyalty, competitiveness of the company.

Note: at the moment the customer is already using another system.

Project timeline, labor costs:

5 months.