CRM systems

Today, any business sooner or later comes to the fact that in order to get to the next level, it is necessary to improve business processes and management. One option is to automate the routine processes of the organization, by implementing CRM.

CRM is software designed to automate interaction strategies with customers, contractors, partners, suppliers and even competitors. In addition to the processes already described, the introduction of CRM allows you to increase the level of sales or purchases, improve interaction with customers or partners by collecting information about counterparties and the history of relationships with them.

However, according to statistics, more than half of the CRM solutions are unsuccessful or eventually not used at all.

That's why we at Digital Zone decided it was time for a new approach, and we are pleased to present you our own CRM system - Apprentice.

The key advantages of a CRM system based on the Apprentice constructor are:

  • the implementation of the basic version in the shortest possible time;
  • the ability to make basic configuration of directories and business processes of the CRM system without the involvement of programmers at all;
  • the flexible ability to modify the system without stopping the processes and without causing data loss;
  • advanced capabilities to manage access rights;
  • the ability to monitor the actions of employees in the system;
  • and others.

 Choosing Apprentice, you will be confident in the quality of the CRM system, as well as ongoing support for emerging issues in the process.