CRM and IT solutions builder

The Apprentice platform is a universal constructor for the development of applied CRM IT solutions.

Its use gives the customer the best of both worlds of information systems: the speed of boxed systems and custom development customization.

  • The embodiment of management desires in the "here and now;
  • System prototype for the selected business processes within 3 working days;
  • Low cost of entry with high quality of the solution and the possibility of its development up to enterprise scale.

Apprentice provides reliability and back-end functionality for any web-based system, automates routine operations and increases employee efficiency, collects and analyzes information about the company, builds business processes.


  • Time2Market ready system from two weeks to one month;
  • Configurability: The system is adjusted to the client, not vice versa. No need to reshape years of well-established business processes;
  • extensive functionality: from the back office of an e-commerce project to resource management;
  • development together with the client: Apprentice serves the entire lifecycle of the company, grows together with it;
  • integration with any systems and services directly or via an integration bus, depending on the scale and needs of the customer;
  • built-in mechanisms for testing application business logic, development without degradation of current functionality;
  • built-in audit subsystem;
  • the possibility of independent revision.


  • Back office for web systems and portals;
  • business process management;
  • NSI of any complexity;
  • bug tracker;
  • asset management;
  • CRM-system;
  • marketplace;
  • self-service system;
  • a set of tools for generating reports;
  • electronic document management system.


    Development experience

    Project Akrichin - marketplace for pharma

    Pharmaceutical marketplace with the functionality of loyalty programs (bonuses for purchases, promotions, etc.).

    Smolny - Personnel Management System

    Personnel accounting and management system for a state agency with a federated structure.

    Tele-2 asset management system

    The system for managing a specific category of tangible assets of Tele-2.

    Automated system of training and staff development Kazakhstan Railways

    Building a unified information environment of the company in terms of training and staff development, monitoring the status of training.

    Nutrilogic - An application for nutritionists

    A cross-platform web application for analyzing and adjusting patient nutrition, also collecting patient data, calculating norms and constructing a corrective diet.

    Electronic trading platform REC-Market

    For the implementation of the electronic trading platform REC-Market, the client's subdivision in the Russian Export Center JSC, responsible for the …

    CRM for Computers

    A record builder for accounting for counterparties, journals, and publisher articles.

    Marketplace "Marketplace of the Far Eastern Hectar"

    Implement a prototype of the "Hectar 1.0" marketplace in a simplified form. Increase the functionality of the prototype to the target.

    One Click platform for Yakutsk City Administration

    Crowdsourcing portal of Yakutsk City Administration for interaction with the public. Versatile tool for city management. An open platform for solving …

    Deregulation is a system of labeling and tracking of medicines

    The system of marking and tracking of medicines for the State Service for Control of Drugs turnover of Ukraine.

    Personal office for the insurance company

    Automator for insurance policy management.

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