E-commerce solutions

Digital Zone is one of the few Russian companies with expertise in launching large-scale e-commerce projects, developing front and back offices for large and successful online stores. The company provides services for:

  • Developing an online sales strategy and order management;
  • Optimization of costs of the client for the development of Internet projects;
  • Selection and implementation of scalable technological platform, including DZ Market's own;
  • Integration of online store platform with the accounting system, order management system.

 Digital Zone conducts research on best practices in e-commerce, analyzing how customers choose products, make decisions and place orders. The team of experts will advise on how to make the interaction between buyer and trading platform as convenient as possible for the client and profitable for the customer. They will give recommendations on the choice of electronic payment systems, processing providers and billing companies.


We are engaged in the creation of an online store on a turnkey basis, as well as finalizing existing customer solutions:

  • we introduce a full-fledged search system, taking into account morphology and grammar, with auto-correction and auto-completion, faceted grouping of results;
  • we supply a mechanism for selecting products and grouping the product catalog based on AI;
  • we develop product catalogs for a medium and large number of SKUs grouped by tags, facets and sections. We connect many sources and directories with the personalization function. We introduce support for multilingualism, multiregionality, multicurrency;
  • we integrate the online store with external and internal systems, including the call center;
  • we build systems for managing balances and product cards.


For the correct creation of an online store, also a lot of work is done to configure the business process of ordering a product or service: the formation of orders with the configuration of the workflow, providing the layout of orders, order creation, assembly, grouping and delivery management; management of returns and warranty service. 


We create a personal account integrated with all system modules: purchase and order history, account management, including bonus accounts, service and service management. We track and motivate repeat purchases and participation in marketing campaigns.


For marketing and analytical needs, Digital Zone develops tools for viewing statistics, analyzing user behavior and building their customer profile. Management and analysis of marketing campaigns, integration with social networks. Search and analysis of unfinished deals.