Personal Cabinet

A personal account allows your customer to independently adjust the parameters of the services rendered - choose tariffs, send and receive information, participate in marketing campaigns, and receive additional services.

Personal account can be a front-end add-on to the existing software and give limited access to it, or it can be an independent solution integrated into the client's ecosystem. The solution can also be used as an employee's mobile workplace.


The standard configuration of the personal account in most cases is not separated from the main solution. For example, when delivering an e-commerce system, it comes with a customer registration form, a shopping cart, and fields for filling out personal information.

For most businesses, this is sufficient if they do not involve a high degree of personalization. But as soon as customer services start to expand and become a priority, the capabilities of the standard configuration become insufficient.

Another example of separating a self-service system into a stand-alone solution is the complete absence of business in the online environment. The desire to take customer service to the next level leads to the construction of a front-end system that is built on top of the customer's existing software.


  • Seamless transition to the new self-service system: customers will only notice the expansion of services, not the transition itself;
  • Omnichannel support: a single login and list of services across all channels;
  • Integration with internal systems of the client: the business gets the required combination of functions - from ERP and direct order to production, to electronic document management with automatic formation of the contract (and with a layer of middleware);
  • And also: full and budget SLA technical support; modern user-friendly interfaces; robustness and high load: 99.9% service availability;
  • The system is easily integrated into the customer's ecosystem: it contains a minimum of business logic, the vast majority of functions are performed at the level of internal systems.

To build personal accounts, Digital Zone uses Java technology for high-load solutions, and the platform Apprentice - for those who need rapid reconfigurability. Both approaches can be combined!
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