Digital Zone is a vendor of multifunctional IT systems, mobile and web solutions

  • Portfolio of custom complex high-load solutions
  • 12 years on the market
  • Offices in 5 Russian cities
  • Smooth integration into your IT landscape



  • Raiffeisenbank R-Mobile app

    R-Mobile app redesign for iOS and Android. Intuitive web access to Raiffeisen Connect online banking system
  • Investment application acceptance and processing system

    Web portal to manage investment applications for innovative projects: process tracking, applicant account pages, being accessible from anywhere around the world
  • Web and mobile self-care system

    Tele2 customer self-service accounts to manage plans and services, make payments, check balance, and access contract details
  • Largest online store in Russia

    High-load e-commerce solution with 8,000 hits per minute and 99.9% reliability
  • Automated management system for logistics center

    Transportation scheduling and cargo delivery to the Sochi Winter Olympics sites
  • Taxi fleet management system

    Automation of core processes: control over driver actions and order status, order processing, car fleet management, shift planning, etc.
  • Obkhodchiki (Utilities Maintenance) automated information system

    Planning and monitoring of the maintenance personnel activities